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When a client is looking for a hard working, straight shooter, that will fight to protect their rights and advance their case, Brad T. Collins is the first name that comes to mind. When you first meet Attorney Collins you know instantly that he is an experienced Attorney who is going to discuss your case in a no-nonsense manner.

To be an effective attorney, your client must believe in you and your abilities. Clients need to be comfortable with their attorney and there needs to be a sincere level of trust. As Attorney Collins explains, "when I meet with a client I approach them like I would my best friend. I listen to their story and offer my honest thoughts and opinions as to their legal options. There is no sales pitch. The focus is not on how great I am as an attorney or how much money you will need to pay me. The focus is on how I can help you through this serious legal issue."

"The focus of my legal practice typically involves representing clients involved in difficult Family Law matters, such as divorce and custody. My clients are fighting for the things that touch the core of their existence, their child(ren), homes, bank accounts, retirement and, personal possessions." In these cases, if Attorney Collins is unable to reach a favorable settlement, it is his job to fight to protect his client’s rights and advance their position. His clients value his drive, no nonsense strategies, and his can-do attitude. His positive enthusiasm is fueled by his own knowledge and belief in his abilities as an attorney.

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